Bavarian Delicacies

For more than 12 years we have been producing very high quality meat products. The founder of the company is Shveycer Sergey Alexandrovich. Our many years’ experience allows us to hold the highest positions in the market. Day to day we let you enjoy the meat delicacies which literally melt in your mouth.


Slaughter of cows

How to produce slaughter of a cow properly? This point is very essential, since meat availability for further use mostly depends on this process. One can definitely kill an animal on a private farm, but this procedure is both unpleasant and complicated. Therefore, slaughter is better to be trusted to professionals who use modern equipment and adhere to the established technology.


Stages of cows slaughter:


The procedure can be divided into several stages:

  • Preparation. Cows are supposed to follow a starving diet (up to 24 hours), while the amount of water they drink is not limited. Such measures help the digestive tract deflation;
  • Sanitization. Washing stock helps to prevent dirt and microorganisms from getting into the meat;
  • Veterinary inspection. Specialists measure the temperature while other workers analyze all accompanying documentation;
  • Stunning. Before going directly to slaughter, they stun livestock first. Carbon dioxide, an air gun or a stun gun are in the list of the devices usually used for this stage. The procedure avoids stress and improves the further blood descent, which results in the meat quality improvement. At home farmsteads, stock is usually slaughtered without prior stunning, with a blow of a sledgehammer in the forehead part of the head. This method can be hardly called humane and moreover significantly spoils the meat quality.
  • Slaughter, skinning and carcass cutting.

Industrial Slaughterhouse Services


Conveyor slaughter machine is basically used for cattle slaughter in industrial terms, which allows to optimize the whole process. Our company offers a full range of services in this sphere. We possess every necessary condition for proper slaughter that matches all important common standards such as mentioned below:

  • Specially equipped rooms and paddocks;
  • Manufacturing facilities which have all required professional equipment. 150-200 cows are slaughtered per one shift;
  • Highly professional staff that strictly follows technology details;
  • Valid license.

With our help, you can avoid temporary losses and get the highest quality meat!

Slaughter of pigs

Slaughter of pigs

The process of pigs slaughter is characterized by certain peculiarities. They are connected with necessity of quickly processing significant amount of carcasses and at the same time maintaining high meat quality. One of the features is a large number of different rooms which are conditionally subdivided into "dirty" and "clean" ones. The first include both pre-slaughter shop and primary processing shop.


Pig slaughter plan


Regardless of the slaughterhouse size, one should follow a definite slaughter action plan:

  • Stunning and slaughter;
  • Hanging the carcass for quick blood draining;
  • Skin cleaning;
  • Skin singeing;
  • Сarcass cutting.

After procedures, mentioned above, the meat undergoes laboratory testing, on the basis of which a carcass is consequently stamped.


Stunning and blood draining


Cleaning and vet examination are two obligatory stages before slaughter. In order to make the slaughter procedure more humane, the pigs are pre-stunned. For this purpose they use different electronic devices that run on current with certain voltage.


After stunning, the animal is hung by hind legs and then vena cava is cut in the throat area. Blood draining takes a few seconds. This type of slaughter is considered to be the most humane one as livestock is unconscious during the procedure.


Carcass processing


After blood draining, carcasses are cleaned in a special machine. Then the bristle is removed from the skin. For this purpose they use steam baths, a scraper machine and a singeing furnace. After all manipulations are carried out, the internal organs are removed and the carcass is further cut into pieces.


Our company provides pigs slaughter service both on permanent and one-time basis. We are ready to fulfill even large-scale orders. The modern equipment and special workshops allow to make the slaughter of 250-300 heads per shift. All rooms are equipped in accordance with current veterinary regulations.


If you have any questions or want to approve some details, feel free to call our managers.


One of the most important technological elements of meat processing is deboning, which literally means the separation of meat from bones. Deboning can be carried out both manually and mechanized with the second option is mostly used at big meat processing factories.


Deboning methods:

  • Vertical. Half of vertically hung carcass slowly moves through the conveyor from one binder to another;
  • Differentiated. Each binder works with a certain part of carcass;
  • Differentiated vertical. Alternately, each binder debones one half-carcass on one conveyor;
  • Combined. This method is used on complex anatomical areas. In this case, they allow meat remains on the bones (no more than 50 percent);
  • Extinguished. The only binder is responsible for carcass processing with the half-carcass pre-divided into cuts.

Extinguished method is mostly used at small factories while well experienced specialists usually prefer vertical technology of deboning. In terms of manual deboning the results basically depend on the tool quality. Knife blade shape is selected due to the type of primary product and exact procedure.


What is mechanical deboning?


In terms of mechanical method of deboning they usually use piston and screw equipment. Both meat and bones go through the filters of these machines and finally they get the mince of pasty consistency. This type of products definitely possesses lower quality than one of the classical mince, but, nevertheless, this method became quite widespread in terms of various sausages production. Mechanization helps to make the process both faster and more economical. It is worth noting that this method has been actively used since early 80-s.


Our company offers to customers high quality boneless meat primary products, processed in strict accordance with food standards. We possess our own deboning shop with specialized equipment. The workers professionalism allows processing 10 tons of raw materials per shift. At the same time, product quality does not suffer and even the smallest bones are removed from the flesh. Every piece of meat comes with a full sanitary documents package. We sell our goods at budget price. You can get more detailed information by contact number.

Sausage production

The main raw materials for sausage production are pork and beef. Horse meat is more rarely used. In terms of jellies, brawn, meat and cereal sausages production they add offal, cereals and legumes. Spices, curing ingredients, sugar, flavors, and enzyme preparations can be used as auxiliary additives. They are supposed to improve the taste of products. Moreover, additives give greater density of sausage mince as well as they improve the digestibility of products. Prepared minced meat is put into natural or artificial casing in order to give sausage special shape.


Main production stages


Based on the raw materials and preparation methods one can single out various sausage production types. Main of them are as below:

  • Boiled, meat and cereal, smoked sausages;
  • Raw and smoked delicacies;
  • Liver sausages;
  • Jelly, etc.

Regardless of sausage types, production methods are approximately the same:

  • Deboning (bone removal) and trimming;
  • Primary mincing and salting;
  • Maturation and secondary mincing;
  • Minced meat production and casing;
  • Thermal treatment and cooling.

For boiled sausage cooking, minced meat is grinded for the second time but half smoked products don’t need this procedure. After filling the casing, sausages are put into special thermal chambers. Depending on the products type, sausages are further boiled, fried or smoked. After the end of cooking, the product is instantly cooled and sent to storage.


Top quality products!


Our company offers to clients high quality sausages. You can find delicacies for every taste. Masters use both traditional and innovative recipes. The use of modern equipment allows to produce up to 5 tons of sausage products per shift. Company’s specialists strictly control every stage of production ranging from proper slaughter and ending with sausages storage.


We sell products without intermediary markup, so you can buy sausages at budget prices. We are glad to cooperate with both small business representatives and large trade enterprises.

Products of the "Bavarian Delicacies"

Fresh, chilled meat and sausages without GMO will be the best decoration of the holiday dinner. You can cook really tasty dishes from our meat such as juicy steaks, fragrant chops and tender schnitzels! All our products meet international quality standards such as modern equipment, own brand feed and strict control over the animals’ health.

Bavarian delicacies working since 2006


Our company was established in 2006. Nowadays “Bavarian Delicacies” is a big and serious player in meat market. But back in 2006 the founder of the company Shveycer Sergey Alexandrovich was a resale agent in meat industry. Soon he made an important decision to scale his activity and started growing livestock by himself. Now this company’s products can be met almost in every region of Russia, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Over the past years, thanks to top products quality and budget prices we were able to gain the leading positions in the meat market. The inspirer and creator of the company is Schweitzer Sergey Alexandrovich.


This person’s great efforts have brought the company to its current level with modern equipment and its unique goods that are constantly popular among consumers.


Each year company’s turnover gradually increases. We use only the best raw materials which are supplied by reliable partners. Our goal is to produce tasty and quality goods for reasonable money.


Company’s staff includes more than 150 employees and their professional work helps the company to increase the range of products. Being a leader in the field, the factory manages to maintain budget prices, and hence high demand of the population.


Quality indicators correspond to the established standards during all stages of production. Even the most demanding customer will be able to choose the suitable goods among our range.


Cooperation with us is both convenient and profitable, as we offer:

  • Quality raw materials from reliable partners;
  • Meat that has passed strict control due to all international standards;
  • Wide range of products;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Full set of all necessary documents.

High quality and tasty goods are our main priorities as well as fair and mutually beneficial relationships with partners.


Call us and we will discuss all details of our future cooperation!

Company’s address


LTD “Bavarian Delicacies” SSN/CRS: 5515011404/5515001001 PSRN 106551500680 Address: 646914 Omsk region, Kalachinskiy district, village Kovalevo, str. Shadrina/4


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The inspirer and creator of the company is Schweitzer Sergey Alexandrovich.